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Edify International School, Kalaburagi is an initiative of DRS group, a diverse conglomerate.
The first flagship institute, the DRS International School was established at Hyderabad in 2003 and over the years has established and provided progressive, competent and world class education solutions. It has successfully made it’s presence with a growing network about 100 schools across South Asia. They have trained over 50000 teachers and 8000 principals across 7 countries in association with CBSE and Centre of Academic Excellence-California, designed and published curriculum and books for CBSE.

Being a franchisee of this prestigious and renowned group, we continue to contribute to make quality education affordable and reachable. Our School caters to all segments of pre-primary, secondary education. The unique 3C Curriculum followed by us is a balanced and planned methodology keeping in mind the significance of CBSE and International syllabus .The 3C curriculum is a primary programme catering from nursery to Grade V and CBSE / IGCSE from Grade VI to GradeX.

At Edify International School, we impart education encompassing Academics, Co-curricular activities, Sports Education, Fine Arts and Life Skills learning through it’s high class state- of-the-art infrastructure and emphasizes on offering congenial child-friendly environment enabling students to soar high morally, socially and spiritually.

Edify International School, Kalaburagi is aimed to make a difference in the society through it’s educational system and philosophy.

Crest Educational & Charitable Trust, is a registered educational trust based in Kalaburagi . It’s members are driven by a shared vision of providing the youth of India with quality education options that are accessible and socially inclusive contributing towards the global community.

Our goal is to provide an enriching environment for our children who are the future citizens of the world. Additionally, we wish to provide the best facilities so that the torch bearers of the future, our young children of Kalaburagi and it’s surroundings will develop into confident, principled young men and women who will realize that potential in all sphere of life.

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